I’ve spent a couple decades writing about science—climate and energy, health and medicine, science-related policy and politics—for dozens of different outlets. In this newsletter I’ll keep doing all that, but without, you know, editors.

It’s gonna go in a bunch of different directions. Sometimes I’ll walk through a study I find interesting, for “this is good” or “this is bad” reasons (it’s usually the bad one)—things like this, or this. Sometimes I’ll get really mad at a bad piece of science writing and just go to town on it—maybe, just for example, like this (and subsequently, this). I might discuss some bit of science or science-related policy that pops up in the news. Or I might get really sad (or angry; probably angry) about climate change, drink some whiskey, and write a few too many words about whatever it is that set me off.

And then there’s the “various remote locales” part of this. As of September 2019, my wife and I are officially nomadic, having sold our house and left the US to wander around a bunch of countries for a while. We did this for a few reasons: first of all, we think it will be fun and interesting and a weird adventure that childless heathens such as ourselves would enjoy; but also, the US was making us very sad (and angry; mostly angry) all the time, and we decided there was no particular need to stay there. We might be back at some point. We honestly don’t know. But for now, this newsletter will arrive from Indonesia or Panama or any of a few other places that we’ll try not to get kicked out of, and hopefully it will occasionally involve some interesting bits I come across while in those various places.

So, that’s the idea. Thanks a lot for checking in, I appreciate it. Now c’mon, mash that subscribe button.